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Dry cleaning non-water solvents to remove soils and stains from fabrics and textiles. Among the advantages of dry cleaning is its ability to dissolve grease and oils in a way that water cannot.speedy's fast quality cost-effective dry cleaning and laundry services in rochester, ny

Mind Those "Dry-Clean Only" Labels

There are important reasons for that "Dry-Clean Only" label on some garments and household items you purchase.

  • Maintain Vibrant Colors: Dyes used to color garments can sometimes dissolve in water.
  • Protect Trim & Interfacing: Some trims and glues used on garments and household textiles in manufacturing can dissolve or be damaged in water. Interfacing applied inside garments may be weakened, shrink, or come loose in water.
  • Prevent Shrinkage: Some materials contain natural fibers. Examples are wool, angora and cashmere. These fibers are prone to shrinkage and tend to retract during the cleaning process unless they are protected by using specialized solvents for cleaning.
  • Protect Pleating: The pleats on some garments and decorative items are applied using different methods. Some are permanent and others are not. Water causes some pleats to washout whereas dry-cleaning typically will not harm pleats.
  • Maintain Look & Feel: Some garments and household textiles are treated with "sizings," chemicals applied to textiles during the manufacturing process to make material look and feel a certain way. Water can remove sizings applied during the manufacturing process, making clothing and other textiles look and feel limp or course. Dry-cleaning does not affect water soluble sizings, leaving textiles looking and feeling soft yet structured.

Speedy's Cares for More Than Just "Dry-Clean Only" with Professional Laundry Services

In addition to dry cleaning, Speedy's Cleaners provides convenient and cost-effective professional laundry services.

Speedy's experienced cleaning technicians will sort, professionally clean, and press your shirts, blouses, jackets and outerwear, slacks/pants, jeans, and other garments and household textiles keeping them looking brand-new and sharp much longer.


Clothing & Textile Care Tips from the National Cleaners Association (NCA)

Speedy's Cleaners is a member of the National Cleaners Association (NCA). The NCA offers some great tips on purchasing, caring for, and managing damage to all of your garments and household textiles.

For more great tips from the National Cleaners Association, click here.

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